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Maxida Märak Downhill Bluegrass Band Karin Risberg Long gone Smiles Band Jussi Syrén &
The Groundbreakers
Doyle Lawson Dan Paisley &
Southern Grass
Bertil Runefeldt Different Cups Abalone Dots Grasstowne Svengmans Collage Bellamy Brothers Don Redmon
Hillfillies Cina Samuelsson Cookies & Beans Cold Mountain Band Monica Silverstrand Carolina & Janne Vivien Searcy
G2 Band Ruben & Matt Jonas Otter Band Grassride The Woodys Erika Stolt Thomas Haglund
Tenneessee Drifters John Edwin Molly Ban Blue Mountain Boys Country Rox Jesper Lindberg Ulf Masken Andersson